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+ 'tenjou tenka yuiga dokuson'
'I'm the one and only. In heaven and on earth.'
(tattoo on Miyavi's right arm) +


Miyavi was the youngest member of the indie rock band named Du・le quartz. At that time he was called Miyabi, which means "Elegant". His flamboyant charm and skill as a musician is what earned him a loyal following. Sadly, Du・le quartz broke up in September 2002. Some fans took comfort in the fact that Miyabi was going solo. He appeared on TV with his new name "Miyavi", announcing the release of his first album, gagaku. When he released his first video, "Girls, be Ambitious", a lot of those Du・le quartz fans backed away, shaking their heads in disbelief. Indeed, Miyavi and Miyabi are very different from one another, visually and artistically. Though there was not an entirely large amount of room for him to express himself as a guitarist with the band, it seems Miyavi's new outlet has allowed him to explore every end of the music spectrum. While many of his old fans were let down and disappointed, an army of new fans found their way to his work and devoured it lovingly.

In his solo work he seems to enjoy his youth and natural charm to the extreme in eccentric music videos and photo shoots. He's had every color hair to go with his sometimes space-aged (sometimes circus-themed) costumes that are nothing like those he flaunted when in Du・le quartz. He's released a variety of videos, singles, and two albums so far. While the music on his first album is basically within the same genre range, comparing any of those tracks to 'Ashita tenki ni nare' from the 'Jingle Bell' single is like comparing winter to summer. Likewise, 'Shindemo Boogie Woogie' has a much different feel to it than 'Pop is Dead'. The point? Miyavi doesn't see the need to limit himself to a certain mold when he writes music. And this observation is not limited to mood. It involves instruments, vocal range, presentation, and just about everything else. He creates music that is acoustic, melodic, catchy as hell, and sometimes just plain noisy. There's something for everyone, if you're willing to give him a try.

There are many theories behind his name change but most of them are based on the idea that he has felt personal growth, and is no longer the same person he was when he was with Du・le quartz. Others say it's because he's just crazy and likes to do things that make people wonder what's going on inside his head. I've seen a lot of disappointment in the fact that he is no longer nearly as visual as he used to be. I guess him dressing up as a Geisha or a vampire isn't cutting it for those fans. Miyavi himself has said it's kind of strange not being as visual as he used to be. Before his first live he wasn't sure what to do with his extra time, since it used to be consumed with hours of makeup application and hair styling. He did say, however, that he does still practice visual appeal and he will continue to entertain his fans this way.

Miyavi's solo personna is classified by his incredible camera presence, an upper body littered with tattoos (he claims each of them represent something that has occured in his life), his ability to make bizarre dancing look good, and the fact that he smiles with two rows of teeth. Currently his favorite things to do are eat chicken and sleep, with occasional visits to the dentist [/humor]... A knowledge of Miyavi's dental history may be helpful in understanding his complaints in that department. Miyavi spends plenty of free time on his computer updating his "diary" (which is not actually a diary but a place where he can write messages to fans), and reading emails from his loyal followers. He asks them to send jokes and pictures when he needs to be cheered up. He thanks them for being there. He tells them he loves them, no matter what country they're from or who they are. He's never afraid to get up close to fans during lives, holding their hands and even reading their fanmail on stage (those I know who've been able to witness this personally all raved the same way: Miyavi loves his fans, and his fans love him unconditionally).

As I said before, he's bound for magnificant things and has accomplished so much in such a short time that a lot of us are still wondering if it's all too good to be true. I think all of our mouths hung open when he played along side PATA, Ru-ku, Chirolyn, and Shinya in October 2004, and before that when he released his own movie. He shows no sign of slowing down and with the adoration he has for his fans (which he makes known constantly), we're showing no sign of giving up on him.

・Stage Name: Miyavi (髮 -Miyavi-)
・Formerly known as: Miyabi
・Position: Former guitarist and back up vocalist of Due le quartz, currently a solo artist.
・Birthday: September 14th, 1981
・Star sign: Virgo, though he claims to be a Pegasus
・Born in: Hyougoken, Japan
・Height: 185 CM
・Weight: 57 kg
・Favorite Color: Pink
・Cigarette brand: Formerly seven star box, but recently he's been aiming to quit.
・Shoe size: 9 (US) / 27.5 CM
Interesting Facts:
・Miyavi has claimed to be his own favorite artist.

・Miyavi's former stage name, Miyabi, means "elegant".

・Miyavi's favorite brands include BA-TSU, Jean Paul Gaultier, Here-There, Beauty-Beast, and Gucci.

・Miyavi's favorite cologne is Dolce & Gabbana.

・Miyavi loves chocolate cake, chicken, and inari zushi.

・Miyavi hates broccoli and tomato juice.

・Miyavi admires Toshiya of Dir en grey, and Kazuki of Raphael.

・Kei from Baroque is said to look up to Miyavi.

・Miyavi says he has issues shouting all the time, no matter where he is.

・Miyavi says he cannot go a day without hugging someone.

・Miyavi wanted to be a doctor before he became a musician "because it's very important to help people".

・Miyavi was heavily involved in soccer when he was in highschool and still plays as a hobby. His first photo essay features him playing soccer with a young actor from his movie.

・Miyavi has updated his online journal as many at seven times in one day.

・Miyavi has three piercings in his face (right eyebrow, left nostral, right bottom lip) six in his ear, and one "secret" piercing. The interesting thing about his lip piercing is, it actually goes through his lip as opposed to under/around it like most piercings do.

・Miyavi's stage/PV clothes are made by Fotus, which has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since Miyavi went solo. He modeled fotus clothing at a fashion show in 2003. Arena 37c ran an article about it. (You can visit the fotus site though the links section).

・Miyavi has modeled clothing for the Gothic Lolita Bible on multiple occasions, since before he was a solo artist.

・Miyavi claims to use his own tour towels when he bathes.

・Miyavi hit his front teeth on the microphone during his first major live. He continued as if nothing happened, but afterwards he said hurt so much he felt like crying.

・Miyavi was so nervous during the shooting of his first movie's live scene that his knees were shaking and he couldn't eat.

・Miyavi's first magazine cover was SHOXX October issue 2003. His second was SHOXX bis, and his third was SHOXX February 2004.

・Miyavi loves his tattoos and piercings, but says he doesn't necessarily want a girl who shares those same features. However, he said as long as she's's alright.
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