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Name: Kiyavi (Mai まい)
Real Name: Sam
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Birth Place: USA
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: December 12th, 1989
Sign: Sagittarius
Hair: Brown (natural) with blond (from a dying mishap)
Eyes: Blue with yellow around the pupil
Other Intrests:
  • Writing (
  • Reading (Favorites = "Battle Royale" and "The Phantom of the Opera")
  • Drawing
  • Singing (opera and arias)
  • DDR (I'm on Heavy mode)
  • Making websites
  • My xanga (
  • Designing and making clothing
  • Acting (I was in the Musical, the winter drama, and the one act at school this year)
  • My stuffed panda (Ling-Ling)
  • My cat Smokey and my 7-year-old fish
  • My friends
  • Food
  • eh...I think you got the point...^.^;


"If you have nothing else to create, I would suggest you create yourself."
- Carl Jung
"And fill with your life the blessings of a thousand and one years, and don't forget to add a side of French Fries."
- Sam
btw - sorry that the picture above is really bad...^.^;
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AIM Messenger: dotcpom

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