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+ Kiyavi Udon +

+ J-Rock ~ Dir en Grey +
+ J - Rock ~ Miyavi +
+ J - Rock ~ Kagerou +
+ Manga ~ My Top 3 +
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+ In a Person of ~ Kiyavi +
+ Movies ~ Japanese Horror +
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+ Follow me through the land of Happy Fluffy Bunnies and you will find a world of odd and mysterious things... +

In my world there are many things I find interesting, want to know what they are? just need to look around this page. Please don't be offended by anything you see on here...of course I don't see why you would be, I'm not offended by any of it. o.o...So um...enjoy? ^.^;

"If you have nothing else to create, I would suggest you create yourself."
~ Carl Jung

+ Follow along the pink brick road to the castle of misery +

I do not own everything on here. In other words, I don't own any of these bands...or anything I don't say I please don't sue me. Thank you. ^-^